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Experience efficient and cost-effective commercial solar panel cleaning with our state-of-the-art solar robot cleaning service. Our advanced robotic technology ensures thorough dirt and debris removal, optimizing energy production and reducing maintenance costs for large-scale solar projects.
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At Golden Rays Solar Cleaning, we are your trusted partner in not just maintaining but also enhancing your solar experience through expert installation services. Our experienced team begins by understanding your energy needs and property specifications. We provide comprehensive consultations to determine the optimal solar solution for your space. Beyond installation, we offer ongoing maintenance to keep your solar panels operating at peak efficiency. Our holistic approach ensures the longevity and effectiveness of your solar investment.

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When you choose Golden Rays Solar for your solar panel installation, you're choosing excellence, innovation, and a partner dedicated to powering your sustainable energy future.

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Our Working Process

Your 4 Easy Guide to Our Solar Cleaning Services


Take the first step by scheduling a personalized appointment at your convenience.

Team Arrival

Upon arrival, we will notify you and take photo documentation of your solar panels.

solar panels cleaning

Upon arrival, we will notify you and take photo documentation of your solar panels.

Invoice & Payment

Following the service, we will send the invoice via text or email or you can pays on the spot.

Invoice & Payment

The Voices of Our Customers

Professional Service
Fast same week service.  Professional service. Used high quality materials. Has affordable rates. Highly recommended & will use services again.
Antonio Fergus
Clovis, California
Highly Recommend
Jio and his team did a great job cleaning and pigeon proofing my solar panels. He is very professional and responds quickly. I highly recommend him !
Ashley Correia
Fresno, California
Amazing Job
Jio and his crew did an absolute amazing job on our property! We had multiple nests built up under our panels along with a large amount of bird droppings all over our room and clogging our rain gutters. Jio came out for a quote and was really professional and respectful not to mention on time!
Chowchilla, California
Reliable Service
Great, fast, reliable service. Fast response to my inquiry. Very reasonable price, excellent customer service. Also very easy to pay contactless.
Isis Garcia
Merced, California

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